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Delegate Feedback

"Yesterday at #Inbounduk14 I said ‘willy nilly’ in front of 400 ppl. It was like Hugh Grant’s ‘whoopsie daisy’ in Notting Hill. Odd behaviour."
Tweeted by @domburch
"Too many take-homes from @garyvee today. Now just need to put it all into practice… #Inbounduk14"
Tweeted by @FelicityStewart
"Really refreshing straight talking speech from @garyvee this avo at #Inbounduk14 – thank you very much!"
Tweet by @swinders25
"I can’t be the only one laying wide awake still with a buzzing head after #Inbounduk14 #innovatelikecrazy"
Tweet by @katelinoneil
"Inspiring day yesterday at #inbounduk14 can’t wait to put what we learnt into practice!"
Tweet by @LILAlovetolearn
"Fantastic presentation by @searchmartin. Great content and humour - ’WTF is Inbound Marketing anyway?’ #inbounduk13."
Tweet by @firstarklaura
"What is love? Marketing people love #InBoundUK13."
Tweet by @brightfireview
"Now hearing from @paulfabretti on #socialmedia at Telefonica UK and O2. Another voice saying content is king @IMUKsocial #InboundUK13."
Tweet by @richbramwell1
"Great event, fab advice and yummy cakes #inbounduk13 #organicvspaid looking forward to hearing @Bryan_phc #lovesaninfographic."
Tweet by @ybeEmma
"Do it like a drug dealer. Give your best stuff away for free first". Interesting angle on marketing content!! #inbounduk13."
Tweet by @paulfabretti
"Really interesting morning at #inbounduk13 with great talks from @searchmartin @paulfabretti and @bryan_phc."
Tweet by @SmithandSmithPR
"#learning from the best in the business phcreative Bryan’s talk was superb! #inbounduk13."
Tweet by @todaystartsNOW
"Loving @innocentdrinks at #inbounduk13 so creative and funny #wonderfulminds."
Tweet by @LennonyFresh
"Definitely the nerd in the front of class. Genuinely inspiring talks on social by @paulfabretti & @joemacyouwon - thanks guys! #InboundUK13."
Tweet by @hughbarb
"Cheers to the legend about town @googledave for his insights on PPC & Remarketing #InboundUK13."
Tweet by @TheWomensOrg
"I think I’ve learnt more relevant information about marketing at #inbounduk13 today than I have at university in the past three years."
Tweet by @Zara_Akhtar
"Hats off to #InBoundUK13 - best marketing conference I’ve been to! Fantastic speakers & forgive the plug #GREATCONTENT."
Tweet by @VitaminD_Martin

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Craig Graham, Ph. Creative