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IMUK Speakers 2013

The inaugural IMUK conference boasted a line-up for exciting and experienced speakers from some of the UK’s leading brands.

Presenting talks and workshops on some of the hottest topics in Inbound Marketing, the panel covered topics from Google+ and contagious Content Marketing to digital strategy development and Social Media.


Martin MacDonald

Martin MacDonald is Inbound Marketing Director at Expedia EAN. As an experienced digital marketer with a particular focus on organic SEO, Martin has worked in the industry for over a decade managing successful search, PPC and social media campaigns. 

At IMUK13, Martin provided delegates with a comprehensive overview of inbound marketing along with the latest trends and best practices in the industry. Offering valuable guidance into how companies of all sizes can leverage the power of inbound marketing, his presentation explained how a combined, holistic approach along with using existing assets effectively help build credibility in your market and loyalty amongst audiences.


Joe McEwan

Joe McEwan is the Communities Manager at Innocent Drinks. Responsible for ensuring that innocent maintains an honest, open and engaging line of communications with their fans, Joe has worked will innocent since 2007 and regularly presents talks on the innovative and sociable nature of the company.

In his presentation, he shared the story of how innocent became one of the fastest growing companies in the UK. His talk focused on Innocent’s reputation as an open and friendly company who understand how to best engage with their consumers and make them feel valued, as well as  demonstrating the benefits of investing in the small things and always listening to their customers and fans.

Alex Blaikley

Alex Blaikley

Alex Blaikley, Industry Head at Google, delivered a talk on ‘Winning the Moments That Matter and the Role of Google+’ which focused on the power of social channel, Google+ and its significance in the wider search and social world.

Responsible for delivering meaningful outcomes with key regional media agencies at Google, Alex has extensive experience in digital media with previous positions at BSkyB, Telegraph Media Group and Press Holdings Media Group.


Andy Mihalop

Andy Mihalop, Former Head of Digital at MoneySupermarket and now Head of Biddable Media at MediaCom, gave an insightful talk on the power of data-led marketing and programmatic buying.  

Entitled ‘Future Proofing Your In-House Digital Marketing Capabilities’ the presentation addressed the more technical side of digital marketing, exploring how businesses can build a leading in-house marketing team through the integration of data technology and a team of dedicated specialists.


Jesse Ringham

Manager of Digital Communications at the British art museums, Tate, Jesse Ringham is responsible for the management and maintenance of the organisation’s digital campaigns. In his speech ‘Power To The People: Digital Strategy’ Jesse focused on the role of relevant content, tone and timing as key principles in reaching and engaging an online audience.

The presentation introduced examples from Tate’s multi-channel digital campaigns and explained how social media, digital content planning and the integration of brand values can be combined to deliver results.


Paul Fabretti

Head of Social Media at Telefonica UK (O2), Paul Fabretti, gave some essential advice on how to maximise social media for any business in his best practice guide to scaling social media activity.

He offered practical examples of how O2 approach the challenge of managing a large number of social channels effectively, as well as providing insight into the reactive nature of O2’s social media and how they work to provide customers with an outstanding social experience.


Dave Hazlehurst

Focusing on the customer journey and buying cycle, Dave Hazlehurst, Director of Client Services at digital marketing consultancy, Ph. Creative,  took the audience through some best-practice tips and techniques for paid search and remarketing, demonstrating how old advertising principles can fit in perfectly to any online remarketing strategy.

A master of all things Google, Dave delivers business-focused results for leading brands including Dulux Decorator Centres, Tesco Opticians and Nationwide, as well as regularly speaking on best-practice digital strategies on behalf of Google.


Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams, CEO and MD of digital marketing consultancy, Ph. Creative, examined how brands are reaching out to audiences in increasingly new and exciting ways, meaning that traditional marketing and advertising no longer cuts it.

In his talk, Bryan looked at the power of contagious content, highlighted new ways to create and measure online loyalty and demonstrated how video and gamification can be used to great effect in any business.