The Story of IMUK

Discover Where IMUK’s Story Began

In 2013, more than 250 company leaders and marketing professionals stepped away from their desks to attend the first ever Inbound Marketing UK conference, in the beautiful city of Liverpool.

Bringing together the latest ideas, trends and insights in digital marketing from some of the brightest minds in the industry, the inaugural IMUK conference played host to an array of eminent guest speakers from leading brands including Google, O2, Tate and Moneysupermarket – but this wasn’t the beginning of the story…

The Inspiration

In September 2012, Bryan Adams, CEO and MD of Liverpool-based digital marketing consultancy, Ph.Creative, visited Boston to attend the INBOUND 2012 conference, along with Ph.Creative’s Head of Client Services, ‘Google’ Dave Hazlehurst.  Founded by leading inbound marketing software company, HubSpot, the conference connected marketing professionals and business leaders from around the world who wanted to learn how to attract visitors, convert leads and close customers.

A Conference for The UK

Bryan and Dave returned inspired by the event, bursting with ideas for both Ph.Creative and its clients and deeply aware that there was no comparable UK-specific event for professionals wishing to come together and learn more about inbound marketing and share insights.

“We had absorbed so much of value from INBOUND we knew that so many businesses could benefit exponentially from the insights we had gained and the tactics we had learned,” says Bryan.

“Collaboration is at the core of inbound marketing and the absence of a UK-based conference, where marketing and business professionals from the UK could come together to share ideas, best practice advice and inspiration for the future, soon became apparent. So we decided to make one happen ourselves.”